Achieve Simplicity In Design

The human mind has always had trouble in simplifying life’s matters. Content management, especially on a large scale presents a myriad of problems, just trying to be simple.

Organisation, time allotment and management, the constant pursuit of knowledge, different contexts and trust in simplicity is the core ingredients of achieving simplicity in life.

Simplicity is very important in our lives because it not only makes the whole experience aesthetically pleasing, but also helps weed out the unnecessary complications that present themselves in the path.

Our need to constantly convince people, the fear that we are missing something important and our wariness that the readers will probably not be able to grasp what we are trying to convey, are the typical lures of complexity.

Keeping this in mind, all we have to make sure is that we keep the absolutely necessary things grouped according to their usage, hide the less necessary features from immediate sight, yet still in a place readily accessible. Most of all, we have to make friends with the delete option: removing features that do not really serve any major functions but are present there nonetheless.

One should always keep in mind that although readers are looking for content, they do not appreciate being bombarded with unnecessary features that they have to wade through just to get to where they want to be.